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Rotary Air Force gyroplane  GTX-SE, ( RAF 2000 GTX-SE gyroplane ). Side by side enclosed gyroplane. This is the aircraft that I use for flight instruction.

My name is Curtiss Patten Jr. - CFI - gyroplane (Certified Flight Instructor - gyroplane)

email address is


I would prefer that I be emailed with your inquire, as I check my email many times a day, and not always available to my phone. Just be sure to give me a contact number, and a good time to call back.



This is a picture of my friend, and student, Krsta Mandic from Belgrade Serbia. The picture taken at the Waycross Ga. Airport, while he was here for training, in the RAF. The gyroplane in the picture, is the one used for flight training.


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This is a picture taken in Serbia, Zemun polje airpark, where the RAF gyroplane is the only one in the former Yugoslavia, now known as Serbia. I was there to give Mr. Krsta Mandic final instructions, and a check out in his own Yellow RAF 2000 GTX.


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This is a 15 second video of Mr. Richard and myself, coming in for a short landing, in his RAF 2000 GTX-SE gyroplane. The video is around 5.3 meg. long, so it can take a while to download on a phone modem.

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Richards_RAF_01.jpg (20468 bytes)

This is a video of Mr. Jerry Tiahrt's gyro in Waycross Ga. The child's voice in the background is my daughter Autumn Danni Patten.           

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JRTmpeg.jpg (9539 bytes)


I am a Rotary Air Force sales agent. I can help you thru the purchase process if you decide to do so.


Airport information and motels for Waycross Georgia, click here:


The flight training, conducted at the Waycross, Ware County airport. This is around 85 miles northwest of Jacksonville Florida

Training is available 7 days a week. Please be sure to email or call and make reservations at least 1-week in advance.

I can set up your RAF gyroplane, and test fly your aircraft. I also can balance your propeller, and rotor blades.

I'm also available for builders assist. Call or write for more details.



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